Album Name:

Musical Stature

Purpose of Album:

To support emerging artist through my music.

Album Concept:

The concept of the album is to present music produced and composed by myself.


The vital spark is the collaboration with artists that inspire my creativity. My music stems from past and present inspirations that have molded my sound.


Musical Stature is conquering the feeling of "I can’t do this", "am I good enough?" , "what will they think of me?", "how am I going to do this?"

Musical Stature is a dedication to Richard Sisco, female musicians and women producers; it's a dedication to myself.

-Lex 1 Productions


Keif Haynes

Media Relations Manager:

Margaret Alexander

Margaret Alexander is an energetic, fun loving, "people" person who enjoys volunteering and community service. She integrates her event management skills and experience with her passion for music to get the job done!


"Thank you Alex for this opportunity, as media relations manager, to learn the business end of the music industry." 


Web Designer:

Cheree Alexander-Velez, aka Jereni-Sol